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If I have an art piece or photo which is not standard size that I need to frame, can you do that?


YES. We do custom framing. Just visit us with your art piece or photo, we will choose together the type and color of mat that will be put around it (if needed) and the frame that matches it. You also get to choose between different types of glass to use to protect it.


If I have a design or a picture can I bring it on memory stick or send it by email for you to print? What if I need it printed on canvas?


YES. You can do so. We can print on paper and canvas whether matt or glossy up to 44" wide. We can then stretch the canvas on a frame to be ready for hanging on your wall.


Do you do custom framing for mirrors?


YES. We do, just bring your mirror or choose from our collection of mirrors. We can cut it to any size and frame it.


Can I order online? Do you do delivery?


YES. Just choose the canvas block, framed art or print you like, make an order and it will be delivered to your door step. Delivery costs depend on the place the items will be delivered to.


If I like a design in your store or on your website but I can't find the size I want?

Can you customize it?


YES. We can customize most of the designs we have as long as the resolution won't be affected cause we still need to guarantee a high quality of printing.


Let's say I don't like the item I ordered after it was delivered to me, can I return it?



We have a 30 DAY EXCHANGE policy, no refunds.


Do you offer design services?



YES. We have a graphic design team that will be happy to help you with whatever design you need. You can share your idea with them and they can also provide you with other ideas that you might like. The design cost is separate from printing or framing. It depends on the complexity of the design and time needed to finish it.


Do you offer the service of photo restoration for old or damaged photos?


YES. We can fully color black and white photos, turn old photos to modern style or pop art. Also if there are any scratches or missing pieces from photo we can restore it like the original one. Photo restoration cost depends on the amount of work needed on the photo.


Any creative ideas for gifts?



We do shadow boxes, which is a deep frame that you can put special objects (e.g. jersey T-shirts) inside instead of pictures. We do photo restoration, so if you have your parents' black and white pictures you can definitely turn them into modern colorful ones for their anniversary. One of the designers speaks Arabic so he came up with a nice idea of making designs that has a person's name in Arabic for those who might be interested in that. Lots of gift ideas are available, just contact us and we'll brainstorm together.


If I have few small to medium size photos, can I put them together in one frame?


YES. We do multi-openings matting with lots of available shapes (circle, square, rectangle, oval, ....etc) so you can separate your photos from each other and contain them all in one nice frame of your choice.

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